The Pad That Every Bachelor Dreams of Owning


It is undeniable that every man’s dream is to live in his own bachelor pad. It will give you the independence that you have been longing for after years of staying in a house with your parents and siblings. You are in control of almost everything from the way your furniture looks to the number of storages you want to build to become extremely organized. Aside from that, you will have the chance to invite any friends whenever you want to.

Living in a bachelor pad will let you roam places without worrying that your parents are nagging you to come home. You can add metal railings on the stairs without facing penalties from the landlord. Additionally, you will be able to color the wall without anyone stopping you. Below are some design ideas to achieve the bachelor pad of your dreams.

1.   Presence of unique art pieces

If your current bachelor pad looks boring and unappealing, it is best to add unique art pieces. It can be in the form of photos, paintings, or drawings. They can make any space modern and elevated with their vibrant colors and patterns. If they are large enough, you can use them as focal points. For a more vibrant space, you may add throw pillows and armchairs with bright colors.

2.   Have a game room

The game room would be the place where you can hang out with your friends and family. You no longer have to go to the malls to be entertained especially during this pandemic. You must make it as comfortable as possible by adding armchairs. There is an exclusive range of armchairs that you can choose from but it is advisable to purchase those that are long-lasting and stylish enough to fit in the interior of your game room. Make it an adult-friendly place to hang out instead of making it feel and look immature.

3.   Create a home spa

If after creating the game room, you still crave something more, you might want to consider adding a home spa. It would be one of the great features that you can use whenever you want to relax and get rid of the stresses brought by your heavy workload. You may design it in such a way that is sophisticated and masculine. You may add armchairs on the side for ultimate comfort.

4.   Fancy walk-in robes

A fancy walk-in robe is another great feature to add to your bachelor pad. It must be spacious and huge where you can place all your clothes, shoes, and other fashion items. With its presence, you no longer have to deal with cramped and crowded cabinets and clothes organizers. Don’t forget to add armchairs so whenever you are tired of looking for possible outfits, you have a place to rest.

5.   Area to display your hobbies and collections

Allocate a space where you can display all your hobbies and collections. Don’t hide them in your closet because they can be used as decorative items in your bachelor pad. For sure, whatever collection it may be such as vintage glassware, old coins, and bills, or sunglass, can amaze every guest you invite in the space. You may add several armchairs to serve as a seating area whenever you tell stories about your collections.

6.   Place accent rugs in your living room

After figuring out where you would place all your furniture items including armchairs, you have to also think about how the floor looks. If you want to get rid of the usual tiles or wood flooring, you may just add accent rugs. You have to ensure that its color and pattern match the look of your armchairs and walls. Otherwise, it will be too awkward and would force you to remove it. 

7.   Get the right lighting

Aside from purchasing armchairs and rugs, and creating game rooms and home spas, now is the time to get the right lighting and fixtures. They have the power to make your bachelor pad look soft and cozy. You can choose if you want it to be a pendant light, a task lamp, or elegant chandeliers.

In Conclusion

The list above is just some of the best bachelor pad design ideas. Rest assured that they can help make your bachelor pad feel homey, customized, and vibrant.

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