Every Parent Should Answer Before Surrogacy


Surrogacy is the most effective technique in ensuring the continuance of the family line. While there are less than 50,000 surrogate babies now globally, their population is expected to touch 150,000 by 2021. With this novel reproductive technique, most countries are now considering adopting it legally as an alternative IVF and test tube reproduction method.

Amidst all this, many couples are still finding it hard to find the best surrogacy center to realize their parenthood dreams. This article will help couples decide precisely when to go for surrogacy.

Here are four questions every couple should ask before choosing surrogacy as an alternative to adoption.

Are You Old Enough?

Yes, that’s the essential criteria to decide whether the local government and health center will allow you to choose surrogacy if you wish to extend your family. The minimum age for adopting the surrogacy method is 21 years. In countries where the age is not mentioned or fixed, you may consider the minimum age of marriage as the eligibility condition.

Do You Have Enough Money?

The budget for surrogacy is an essential aspect. Families with an average monthly income of US $100,000 or more are most likely to choose surrogacy as an option. In the UK, there are no surrogacy fees to be paid to the surrogate mother. However, the legal cost and the maintenance to be paid to the surrogate mother through the gestational period is usually US $50,000 or more. If you are expecting a twin or a triplet, the costs grow proportionally.

Is Your Family Ready For Surrogacy?

More than the physical preparation, it’s the mental state of the parents that matters the most. Successful transition of intending parents during gestational surrogacy requires unwavering support from family members, friends, and colleagues. 

In the initial phase of surrogacy, people may not approve of having a baby delivered by some other woman, not belonging to the brood. Hence, the acceptability of the baby born from surrogacy is usually low. However, proper consultation before going ahead with surrogacy is beneficial in ensuring that everyone in the family is ready for the welcome news.

Do You Already Have a Baby?

Is this the first time you are planning a baby? Or, do you already have a baby? If yes, it is essential to account for the first-born kid’s behavior towards the new addition to the family. Unlike in normal pregnancy, where the child more or less knows that the mother is pregnant, surrogacy is a different league of affairs. With no evident sign of a baby popping out, surrogate parents have a hard time dealing with their older kids. 

Suppose you are in a gay relationship but have a baby from an earlier heterosexual relationship. In that case, it is best to consult with a lawyer before taking a step towards surrogacy to protect the interest of every kid involved. 

Despite the popularity of the surrogacy technique, not many countries have the experts or the legal framework to handle issues arising from adopting a surrogate baby.

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